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Cost: $180.00
Courses Included: 6 (Closed courses will not be included.)


This bundle includes courses for those who do not have time to complete a MBA degree but still want to understand the key concepts. 

Develop a broad perspective to deal more effectively in today’s rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: 

* Identify legal issues with corporate management, employee manuals, intellectual property and contracts * Identify components of a contract * Recognize ways to protect intellectual Properties * Recognize key differences between planning and budgeting * Identify best practices to use in your planning process * Define key elements of rolling forecasts * Describe two ways to determine a break-even * Identify the impact of a disaster * Recognize important assets * Avoid a disaster increase from fear * Define the fraud triangle * Define the purpose and use of a fraud risk assessment * Determine where the greatest opportunity of committing fraud is in an organization * Identify the components in a ration analysis * Identify methods for predicting cash flow * Recognize techniques that will lead to greater confidence in any negotiation situation * Identify when to use the anchor effect in negotiating * Identify the two types of negotiations * Identify the seven skills of negotiation * Identify how to keep the negotiation positive

MBAexpress:  Key Concepts of Adding Value includes:

  • MBAexpress:  Basics of Business Law
  • Mbaexpress:  Best Practices for Better Budgeting and Planning
  • MbAexpress:  Faster Disaster Recovery
  • MBAexpress:  Ferreting Out Fraud
  • Mbaexpress:  Insightful Financial Analysis
  • MBAexpress:  Nuances of Negotiating 

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MBAexpress: Basics of Business Law (Included in catalog bundle)

Do you know how to keep your company and your clients on the right side of the law?

MBAexpress: Best Practices for Better Budgeting and Planning (Included in catalog bundle)

What comes to mind when you think of budgeting? Takes too long? No follow-up? It protects the status-quo?

MBAexpress: Faster Disaster Recovery (Included in catalog bundle)

We often think about hurricanes and tornados as disasters but have you thought about the impact of new technology, a product recall, or even fraud?

MBAexpress: Ferreting Out Fraud (Included in catalog bundle)

Fraud costs US companies $400 billion annually. Do you know where the fraud is in your organization?

MBAexpress: Insightful Financial Analysis (Included in catalog bundle)

Why do you need to conduct a financial analysis and how would you use it? Do you know what you do best and is it sustainable? How do you differ from your competitors?

MBAexpress: Nuances of Negotiating (Included in catalog bundle)

The art of negotiating with your customers, clients, business partners and colleagues is a vital skillset for the business professional. Successful business negotiations will help you drive your business success and your career.
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