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Cost: $595.00
Courses Included: 30 (Closed courses will not be included.)


If you don’t have the time to complete an MBA degree but still want to understand the key concepts, then this course is for you.

This MBAexpress:  Key Concepts is designed for managers, professionals, and business owners who want to develop a broad perspective to deal more effectively in today’s rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment.

Learn the key elements and components of a traditional MBA while looking strategically at an organization from a holistic perspective to improve business planning and decision-making.  You will also learn to recognize how different business processes drive results as well as identify the effective use of key performance indicators to motivate, measure, evaluate, and improve results. 

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MBAexpress: Balanced Scorecard (Included in catalog bundle)

Balanced Scorecard is a performance measurement framework that added strategic non-financial performance measures to traditional financial metrics to give managers and executives a more 'balanced' view of organizational performance.

MBAexpress: Basics of Business Law (Included in catalog bundle)

Do you know how to keep your company and your clients on the right side of the law?

MBAexpress: Best Practices for Better Budgeting and Planning (Included in catalog bundle)

What comes to mind when you think of budgeting? Takes too long? No follow-up? It protects the status-quo?

MBAexpress: Business Benefits of Sustainability (Included in catalog bundle)

Does your business have a sustainability initiative?

MBAexpress: Business Process Improvement (Included in catalog bundle)

Have you ever tried to improve a business process only to be told “that’s the way we’ve always done it”?

MBAexpress: Communication in the Workplace (Included in catalog bundle)

How you communicate with your clients can make or break your career! This course will discuss different personality styles and demonstrate the different ways to communicate information to them.

MBAexpress: Creativity & Innovation (Included in catalog bundle)

This course will demonstrate proven methods that CPAs and other business professionals can use to unlock their creativity and innovation.

MBAexpress: Effective Change Management (Included in catalog bundle)

How do you react to change? Change is difficult, even when it is good and for right reasons.

MBAexpress: Emotional Intelligence (Included in catalog bundle)

What is emotional intelligence? This course will define emotional intelligence and help you understand the difference between IQ and EQ.

MBAexpress: Essence of Entrepreneurship (Included in catalog bundle)

Webster's dictionary defines entrepreneurship as "a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money."

MBAexpress: Excellent Customer Service (Included in catalog bundle)

What does excellent customer service mean to you? Discuss the importance and skills needed to provide excellent customer service to both your internal and external customers.

MBAexpress: Faster Disaster Recovery (Included in catalog bundle)

We often think about hurricanes and tornados as disasters but have you thought about the impact of new technology, a product recall, or even fraud?

MBAexpress: Ferreting Out Fraud (Included in catalog bundle)

Fraud costs US companies $400 billion annually. Do you know where the fraud is in your organization?

MBAexpress: Good Governance (Included in catalog bundle)

What are the characteristics that define good governance?

MBAexpress: Insightful Financial Analysis (Included in catalog bundle)

Why do you need to conduct a financial analysis and how would you use it? Do you know what you do best and is it sustainable? How do you differ from your competitors?

MBAexpress: International Business (Included in catalog bundle)

Are you considering doing business in a foreign country? Should you?

MBAexpress: Latest in Leadership (Included in catalog bundle)

We can all list a variety of leadership skills but how do you develop them into your own leadership style?

MBAexpress: Masterful Marketing (Included in catalog bundle)

You have developed a strong technical expertise but what about those skills necessary to grow and expand your business?

MBAexpress: Networking – Building a Stronger Professional Network (Included in catalog bundle)

Networking is one of the most powerful tools accountants can develop, but it takes time, energy and commitment in order to build a strong network.

MBAexpress: Nuances of Negotiating (Included in catalog bundle)

The art of negotiating with your customers, clients, business partners and colleagues is a vital skillset for the business professional. Successful business negotiations will help you drive your business success and your career.

MBAexpress: Performance Management (Included in catalog bundle)

This course focuses on developing an effective performance management system that will motivate and bring out the best in your employees.

MBAexpress: Powerful Presentation Skills (Included in catalog bundle)

America’s greatest anxiety, public speaking, is a necessity in today’s business world. Those who can speak in front of crowds and have effective presentational skills tend to move up the corporate ladder more swiftly.

MBAexpress: Presenting Numbers for Impact (Included in catalog bundle)

Have you ever presented financial information to a group of non-financial people only to get the glazed-over and under-whelmed look from your audience?

MBAexpress: Project Management (Included in catalog bundle)

Project management is a results-focused concept.

MBAexpress: Risk Management (Included in catalog bundle)

What is risk? Do you know if your organization is risk averse or risk aggressive?

MBAexpress: Smarter Decision-Making (Included in catalog bundle)

Leaders fail because of bad decision-making. Business professionals need to be able to respond to today's rapidly changing business environment by making quick and smart decisions.

MBAexpress: Strategy for Success (Included in catalog bundle)

Does your firm or organization know why it does what it does? Do you have a mission statement?

MBAexpress: Success with Social Media (Included in catalog bundle)

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube – great fun personally but what good are they for your business?

MBAexpress: Teamwork & High Performance Teams (Included in catalog bundle)

Did you know that the core principles of improvisation are the same core principles in efficient, effective, and productive teams?

MBAexpress: The Art of Effective Writing (Included in catalog bundle)

Your company is only as good as your writing. Despite all your efforts, are you still trying to explain the difference between good and bad writing?
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