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The Anticipatory Organization - Accounting and Finance Edition - Version 1.5 A (Included in catalog bundle)The Anticipatory Organization - Accounting and Finance Edition - Version 1.5 A (Included in catalog bundle)

$295.00 (USD)

The most important competency in the business world today – the ability to anticipate future trends and position our organizations to take advantage of them – is a mystery to most of the accounting and finance profession. If you want to jump ahead of the competition, forget agility. Forget crisis management. The main skill you need to thrive in a business environment marked by hyperchange and uncertainty is the ability to accurately anticipate the future. This may seem impossible. It’s not! 

The need for future-focused strategies has never been greater. In a recent national survey, 76 percent of small business owners say their CPAs are not proactive, and 75 percent have changed firms because their CPAs are providing reactive services rather than proactive advice. Another recent survey found that only 6 percent of CFOs, controllers and management accountants say they are future-ready. 

Dan Burrus is one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and innovation experts. He has been helping stakeholders to see and shape the future for more than 30 years. The Anticipatory Organization – Accounting and Finance Edition synthesizes his approach into an "accelerated learning system" that includes a series of short, single-concept videos featuring Burrus that presents the model’s core principles. Each video is followed by a job aid and rapid-application activity that teach you how to apply the concept to everyday activities. The result is a powerful tool that will help you know what’s next, develop opportunities, shape the future and accelerate success. 

Change is coming, fast. The winners will be those who can anticipate those changes to leverage new opportunities. Reorient your thinking about the future...your future.

Credits: 5
Estimated Length: 5 hour(s)
Valid for: 12 Month(s)


Name View Schedule
Online Lesson1. Module 1: KNOW WHAT'S NEXT -
Online Lesson2. Module 2: DEVELOP OPPORTUNITIES -
Online Lesson3. Module 3: SHAPE THE FUTURE -
Online Lesson4. Module 4: ACCELERATE SUCCESS -


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify linear and cyclical changes in your business

  • Recognize the difference between collaborative communication and informative collaboration

  • Differentiate hard trends from soft trends

  • Identify the three digital accelerators

  • Identify the value of foresight

  • Recognize when to apply the “Skip-it” theory

  • Recognize how to use the Law of Opposites for new opportunities

  • Recognize how to be an Opportunity Manager

  • Identify ways to anticipate where your customers need to focus their future plans

  • List ways to elevate your Futureview® 

Major Topics:  

  • Module 1: KNOW WHAT’S NEXT. Hard trends are certainties. They will happen, regardless of your actions. Soft trends might happen—and you can influence them. An organization that can identify certainties and future disruptions, will be better poised for success.

  • Module 2: DEVELOP OPPORTUNITIES. Every hard trend provides an opportunity. The question is whether you’ll be there to capitalize on it. The Anticipatory Organization™ model helps you pre-solve predictable problems in order to identify and act on game-changing opportunities.

  • Module 3: SHAPE THE FUTURE. Your view of the future shapes the decisions you make today. And, the decisions you make will shape your future. This is your Futureview® and it is a powerful force in shaping the future of both individuals and organizations. The Anticipatory Organization™ model reveals the power of your Futureview® and teaches you to use hard trends to elevate your plans and realize the business you envision.

  • Module 4: ACCELERATE SUCCESS. When your entire team shares a common Futureview that’s based around the certainty of hard trends, it drives your organization’s strategic velocity and accelerates success. 

Field of Study:  Business Management & Organization 

Recommended CPE Credit Hours:  5.0 

Course Level: Basic 

Prerequisites:  None 

Designed For: CPAs and finance professionals 

Instructor: Daniel Burrus 

Update:  11/30/2015

Daniel Burrus
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