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How to Build a Base of Personal Credibility and Trust (Included in catalog bundle)How to Build a Base of Personal Credibility and Trust (Included in catalog bundle)

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Building credibility is a fundamental requirement for success in any role. Credibility is intentional, not a random process that “just happens.” You build credibility by delivering value to others and helping them solve their problems, not by being the smartest person in the room. Native intelligence and experience only get you so far. Without credibility, people stagnate in their careers. They become frustrated. They get passed over for promotions.

This workshop will describe how to build credibility and develop the emotional intelligence you need for professional success and greater impact on your organization or business.

Credits: 2
Estimated Length: 2 hour(s)
Valid for: 12 Month(s)


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Online Lesson1. How to Build a Base of Personal Credibility and Trust -


  • Define the sources of credibility
  • Illustrate techniques and behaviors to build credibility and trust
  • Recognize the connection between credibility, communication, and effective influence
  • Identify effective influence techniques
  • Recognize the difference between expertise and credibility

Major Topics:

  • Why expertise is not enough to build a base of credibility
  • How communication, particularly active listening, impacts credibility
  • The link between credibility and Emotional Intelligence
  • The importance of character and courage
  • Three most common barriers to building credibility 
  • Credibility and recognition as a Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Field of Study:  Personal Development

Recommended CPE Credit Hours:  2.0

Course Level:  Intermediate

Prerequisites:  Prior management experience

Designed For:  Professionals in a leadership, supervisory or managerial position

Course Producer:  Business Learning Institute

Instructor Biography:  Dr. Alan Patterson

Publication Year:  2017

Expiration:  Course content is reviewed annually and revised with neccessary changes or else the course is removed.

Dr. Alan Patterson
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