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Podcast Episode 2:  Mike Sciortino - Gratitude MarketingTMPodcast Episode 2: Mike Sciortino - Gratitude MarketingTM

$29.00 (USD)

Mike Sciortino discusses how it's hard to find a professional service business that hasn't implemented Gratitude Marketing in one form or another. While traditional marketing speaks at people, Gratitude Marketing engages and connects with people. Gratitude Marketing will help you connect on a deeper and more meaningful level with your clients. If you want the heart to prompt the mind, a warm, caring attitude is vital!

Estimated Length: 48 minute(s)
Valid for: 12 Month(s)


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Online Lesson1. Podcast Episode 2: Mike Sciortino - Gratitude MarketingTM -


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the concept of gratitude marketing

  • Identify strategies to increase client retention, increase referrals and increase revenues.

  • List techniques on how you connect with clients on a personal, human level rather than talking at them with traditional marketing tactics

  • Recognize how building long-term relationships nurtures trust with clients and leads to more business 

Major Topics:  

  • Relationship management

  • Gratitude marketing

  • Making stronger connections with your clients 

Field of Study:  Communications and Marketing 

Recommended CPE Credit Hours:  0.5 

Course Level: Basic 

Prerequisites:  None 

Designed For: Practitioners, auditors, analysts, firm administrators, and finance professionals. 

Instructor:  Mike F. Sciortino, Sr. 

Publication Year:  2016

Expiration Date:  Course content is reviewed annually and revised with neccessary changes or else the course is removed.


Mike's Biography:   

Mike Sciortino, #1 best-selling author of Gratitude Marketing: How You Can Create Clients for Life, is a keynote speaker, trainer, and successful business owner with over 30 years of experience working with businesses and developing and delivering proven, time-tested dynamic sales and marketing applications in retail, wholesale, traditional and alternative investments.

Mike F. Sciortino, Sr.
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